Our focus on both professionalism and brotherhood is what makes us Berkeley’s Premier Business Fraternity.



We are the oldest business fraternity on the Berkeley campus–established in 1922–and the only organization that accepts only business or business-intended majors.

  • 100% 2016 Haas acceptance rate for 21 brothers
  • 95% cumulative Haas acceptance rate
  • More case competitions won than any other organization on campus
  • More case competitions placed than any other organization on campus
  • 100% summer internship rate for 50+ brothers
  • 100% full time success rate for every graduating senior
  • Have sent at least one brother to the Haas External Team each year
  • Alumni place into top business schools such as Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, and Wharton


Rho Consulting offers a chance for our brothers to gain experiences helping real businesses solve their problems.

  • Brothers work in teams together and engage in 10-week, semester-long projects with a client to help them with everything
  • Utilize skills including market research, competitive landscaping, marketing strategy, and user acquisition
  • Projects typically culminate with an in-office presentation to present final recommendations to company representatives

Rho Consultants present their recommendation at Slack headquarters




“Delta Sigma Pi was the first business fraternity I ever heard of, and it is hard to put in words how much it has changed my life ever since. From a professional standpoint, this Fraternity broadened my perspective on what the business world had to offer and meticulously prepared me for my career after graduation. More importantly, this Fraternity gave me a home away from home – a group of peers that soon became my family. As a rushee, I knew that Delta Sigma Pi was the right fit for me, but I had no idea the once nameless strangers I brushed by at a rush event would become my brothers that I now hold in the highest regard.

Before joining the Fraternity, I had rough ideas of what true friendship and brotherhood meant. Only through the pledging process did I truly see these values embodied and expressed every day at any moment. I heard about and witnessed people sacrifice their own time and well-being countless times for their brothers. From climbing trees and fences for pledge brothers, to spending sleepless nights preparing each other for tests and interviews, I came to see that what makes this Fraternity unlike any other is the immense amount of care our brothers have for one another. Joining Delta Sigma Pi was the best decision I ever made, and I would be a completely different person if it were not for the brothers I have met here. The first time I experienced true brotherhood, I was with my pledge brothers. The first time I failed an exam at Berkeley, I was with my pledge brothers. The first time I got extremely intoxicated and lost in a foreign country, I was with my pledge brother. The first time I jumped out of a plane, I was with my pledge brother. The first time I secured my job offers, I was with my pledge brothers.


I am positive that there will be many firsts to come, but for now, I encourage you to take your first step into the next chapter of your life with Delta Sigma Pi.”


Gore Song, Alumni

Spring 2010 Pledge Class